Image: Why Waterproofing Isn't Something to Put Off

Why Waterproofing Isn't Something to Put Off

Your home is a big investment and waterproofing is one of many ways to protect it. Here, the waterproofing contractors at Interstate Roofing & Waterproofing in Onalaska, WI, explain why you should move this essential task to the top of your to-do list.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Waterproof Your Home

Prevents Premature Deterioration & Rot

Waterproofing areas of your home protects against premature deterioration and rot. If you have a wooden deck, for example, sealing it with waterproofing products keeps the wood intact for years. Without sufficient protection, wood succumbs to the elements quickly. Even one severe rainstorm can cause the wood to warp and weaken, resulting in unsightly cracks and splinters. Additionally, standing water left on your deck causes the organic material to break down prematurely, resulting in weak areas and rot. 

Avoids Mold & Mildew Infestations

waterproofingIn addition to fortifying your home against untimely deterioration and rot, waterproofing prevents mold and mildew infestations. Basements without this important protective element are extremely vulnerable to mold and mildew since they are already below ground and subject to excessive moisture without waterproofing and proper ventilation. Mold and mildew cause structural damage in addition to health issues such as asthma and allergy flare-ups. Long-term exposure to mold may also increase the risk of respiratory infections and bronchitis. A continually-damp basement can also damage stored items such as Christmas decorations and sports equipment.

Ensures Proper Drainage

Waterproofing includes inspecting and adjusting your drainage system to ensure rainwater and melting snow flow away from your home instead of pooling around the foundation. This process helps your basement stay dry to avoid cracks, deterioration, and other foundation damage. Your drainage system undergoes cleaning, repair, or replacement as part of waterproofing services.

Rely on the talented contractors at Interstate Roofing & Waterproofing to provide the waterproofing services you need to maintain a dry, healthy, structurally-sound home. Call (608) 783-2106 today for your free estimate or visit the website for more information. Like the company on Facebook for the latest reviews and news.

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