Image: Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Roof Repairs

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Roof Repairs

Although you might have a few property improvement projects on the agenda, investing in roof repairs should top the priority list. Putting off necessary work will only make the damage worse, compromising the structural integrity of your space and the safety of everyone inside. Below are additional reasons to get roof repairs as soon as issues arise.  

3 Reasons to Schedule Roof Repairs ASAP

1. Improve Interior Comfort

Roof damage increases the risk of pest infestations. From missing shingles to corroded flashing, there are several ways disease-carrying rodents and insects can get inside the building and make people sick. When it rains, water can also seep through damaged areas and soak the substrate or property interiors. Mold grows quickly in damp conditions, which could also compromise people’s health. Roof repair specialists will seal patches, replace missing materials, and do anything else needed to prevent these problems.  

2. Boost Property Value & Curb Appeal

roof repairDue to the damp conditions and exposure to sunlight, moss and plants could start to grow in damaged areas of the roof. The unkempt appearance could make your property the neighborhood eyesore. If you ever plan to put your house on the market, roof damage could also diminish property value. Roof repairs will restore the aesthetic appeal of your space, while increasing its resale value.  

3. Save Money Down the Line

If energy bills are suspiciously high, problems with the roof could be to blame. Outdoor air can leak through damaged areas, forcing HVAC equipment to work harder to maintain temperatures set on the thermostat. This drains energy, causing a spike in the related costs. Investing in roof repairs will conserve energy and keep more money in your bank account. Opting for repairs now will also prevent eventual roof failure and the need for an expensive replacement later. 


If your roof is damaged, trust the team at Interstate Roofing & Waterproofing to add years to the life of your investment. The company is known throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa for providing commercial and residential roof repairs and replacement, as well as basement waterproofing, to keep their clients’ properties protected from sporadic weather conditions in the Midwest. To schedule a consultation with the Onalaska, WI-based roofing contractors, call (608) 783-2106. A representative will answer any questions you have. Visit the company’s website and Facebook page to see project photos. 

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