Image: Onalaska's Top Roofing Contractor Compares Steep & Low-Slope Systems

Onalaska's Top Roofing Contractor Compares Steep & Low-Slope Systems

At some point, you may need to replace a current home or business’s roof system. When selecting a style, the roofing contractors at Interstate Roofing & Waterproofing in Onalaska, WI, suggest looking at two categories for angles: low- and steep-sloped. Understanding their unique benefits will help you make an informed decision on which is right for you.

Roofing Contractor on Steep- & Low-Slope Systems 

Slope Angle

The main difference between steep- and low-slope roofing systems is their angle. The latter models are generally defined as having a pitch that is less than 18 degrees, while steep-slope models exceed this angle.  


Waterproofing Abilities

Because of the sharp angle, steep-slope systems do an excellent job of directing water away from houses. Rain and melting snow will roll down into the gutters, where downspouts deposit it. Because of their relatively flat angle, water can rest atop low-slope structures. Drains and waterproofing membranes are often used to keep the surface from becoming saturated. 

Stylistic Differences 

Because of the modest profile, low-slope roofing systems are often found in modern or minimalist-style homes. PVC, bitumen, and aluminum panels are three common cover materials. The roof is an ideal choice for commercial applications, too, as the surface provides extra space for maintenance equipment and additional storage. Steep-slope systems offer classic aesthetic appeal. From slate and tile to wood and asphalt, various shingle materials can be incorporated. 

Energy Efficiency

With proper maintenance for the application, both low- and steep-slope roofing materials can successfully protect the building infrastructure while locking out moisture and preventing air and heat loss. Low-slope models are particularly praised for the ability to reduce heating and cooling costs. With less room between the roof and the ceiling, HVAC equipment doesn’t require as much energy to deliver air through the space. 

Whether you need a few repairs or a complete roof replacement, the team at Interstate Roofing & Waterproofing will make your structure beautiful and more energy efficient. To schedule a roof installation or repair appointment in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Iowa, call (608) 783-2106 today. Visit the roofing contractor online, and check out their Facebook page to see images of completed work.

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