Image: How to Prevent Commercial Roofing Collapse

How to Prevent Commercial Roofing Collapse

commercial roofing system is one of the largest investments a property manager can make. However, if a roof isn’t properly maintained, it will likely fail sooner than its expected lifespan. Besides having to halt business operations for weeks or months for a total roof replacement, a roof collapse poses a safety risk to employees, clients, and customers. Here’s how to avoid the situation altogether.

A Guide to Avoiding Commercial Roofing Collapse

Increase Weight Load With Caution

Commercial roofing systems are designed to withstand the weight of planned features like rooftop patios, AC units, or generators. Before you sign off on any changes to the way your roof is used, discuss existing load-bearing capabilities with an engineer. If the load creeps too high, your risk of roof collapse increases exponentially.

Don’t Ignore Maintenancecommercial roofing

Stay on top of maintenance and inspections. Routine visits from a roofing contractor provide ample opportunities to catch small problems before they snowball into larger, more costly issues. A roofing inspector will also have the experience to point out potential dangers, such as an errant tree branch, which could eventually puncture your roofing membrane and introduce water and rot.

Prioritize Snow Removal

Snow is another factor that contributes to a roof’s load, particularly in areas where heavy, unpredictable snowstorms are common. Invest in a roof designed for a heavy snow load to avoid collapse. If roof replacement isn’t possible, remove new snow (4 feet high or more) and packed snow (2 feet high or more) as soon as it’s safe to do so.


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