Image: How Long Does Commercial Roof Installation Take?

How Long Does Commercial Roof Installation Take?

Onalaska, La Crosse County

How Long Does Commercial Roof Installation Take?, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Commercial roof installation is an immense undertaking that needs to be completed by a team of professionals to minimize disturbances to your business. If your company’s roof needs replacement or repair, here’s what you need to know about the process and how long it will take.

Variables That Affect Duration

The roof installation method, duration, and difficulty vary depending on the material and style of each roof. The more square footage of a building and the more complicated the system, the longer the process will take. Each roofing material has different application procedures, some of which take more time to finish. For example, single-ply roofing systems are popular because of their extended service life, low maintenance requirements, and fast installation. Details such as vents, pipes, and skylights add time to the process. Finally, inclement weather conditions can delay or even halt a project. In general, a typical roof installment takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

Styles & Processesroof installation

Single-ply roofing — the most common material — involves a single membrane layer rolled out and adhered to the roof surface using either glue, tape, or hot application. Standing seam metal roofing takes slightly longer because contractors must precisely align and apply sealant tape to large metal panels, but it will last up to 70 years. Built-up roofing consists of insulation, cover board, ply sheets, and a reflective coating — many layers that boost protection but increase installation time. Steep-slope roofs are similar to residential systems, which can come with asphalt, fiberglass, tile, wood, composite, stone, or slate shingles.


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